Top Athlete Reviews on the Event

"There is no comparable event in winter, where spectators are offered that level of excitement from beginning to end! It is also a nerve racking competition for the athletes themselves - May the best team win!“


Roman Rohmoser (Skier)

"Rise and Fall is the best team competition in winter! Spectators have a clear view of the whole race, a short yet thrilling event that is perfectly organised. Kudos to the entire team!"

Lorenz Peer (Paraglider)

"I have taken part in races all over the globe, but RISE&FALL is really something else. I'm sure this competition still has considerable potential!"


Markus Kröll (Ski tourer)

"As a mountain biker, RISE&FALL provides a welcome change to my winter training. Not only that, these four trendy sports make for an exciting competition."

Alban Lakata (Mountain bike)


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