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Team "Mountainshop Hörhager 1" wins RISE&FALL 2016

A suspense-filled race right down to the final few metres.

"Four people, one team, no mercy" was the programme slogan again at the 5th RISE&FALL event in Mayrhofen on 17th December 2016.

Athletes, who surpassed themselves against the stunning mountainous backdrop of Mayrhofen; a fabulous crowd of spectators that tirelessly encouraged and cheered their athletes on -  are just some of the defining features of the legendary RISE&FALL.

This unique relay race with the four disciplines of ski touring, paragliding, mountain biking and ski or snowboard has already achieved cult status amongst athletes and audiences.

The crowds of spectators were able to celebrate a deserved winner at the end:
Team "Mountainshop Hörhager 1" with Philip Götsch (ski touring), Patric Hörhager (paraglider), Jochen Käs (mountain bike) and Roman Rohrmoser (ski) triumphed in a suspense-filled race.

With a finishing time of 39.37,3 they forced Team "GH Zimmereben & Brück'n Stadl", 39.45,0 into the runner's up position, followed hot on the heels by Team "Intersport Peter Bad Tölz", who finished third with a time of 40.19,0.

We salute the outstanding athletic achievements of all participating athletes and congratulate the winners.

See you again at the 6th RISE&FALL on 16.12.2017 in Mayrhofen in Zillertal, when the motto  "Four people, one team, no mercy" strikes again.


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